Vegetables Love Flowers
Vegetables Love Flowers

Vegetables Love Flowers

Cool Springs Press

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Author: Ziegler, Lisa Mason

Brand: Cool Springs Press

Binding: Paperback


Number Of Pages: 176

Publisher: Cool Springs Press

Release Date: 27-03-2018

Details: Product Description Fight garden pests and increase your yields the natural way with this tried and true technique! Planting vegetables and flowers together is one of the oldest ways to create a healthy, bountiful garden; but there's more to the method than you might think. Vegetables Love Flowers walks you through the ins and outs of companion planting, from how it works to which plants go together and how to grow the best garden for your climate. Alongside gorgeous garden photography, you'll also learn about: Seed-starting, growing, and harvesting How to make garden flower bouquets, with "recipes" for various arrangements How to attract beneficial creatures to pollinate your garden and prey on its pests Pesticide-free pest-control measures Composting heaps and bins With the right information and some careful planning, you can help your plants thrive—and beautify your garden in the process. About the Author Lisa Ziegler is an author, accomplished speaker, and the owner of the Gardener’s Workshop, a thriving small market farm. She began her career selling cut flowers to local florists and Colonial Williamsburg, a business that soon grew to include florists, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, a garden-share program, and a subscription service and later expanded into selling the tools, supplies, and seeds that she used in her own garden. At the same time, Lisa has steadily built a speaking career leading presentations and workshops for garden clubs, master gardeners, commercial growers, and other groups centering on her simplified organic gardening methods.   From the Author My book Vegetables Love Flowers will lead you to an organic garden where good bugs eat bad bugs, pollinators are abundant, and the beautiful bouquet on the table came from your own garden. A garden where beneficial creatures come for the flowers but stay for the pest!I share in this book why flowers are the missing piece of the chain of life in many gardens. Flowers attract pollinators, beneficial insects and other good creatures to the garden that provide nature's best and most powerful pest control, pollination, and more.There is no better way to bring flowers into the vegetable patch then with a cutting garden. A perfect match, harvesting fresh cut flowers each week alongside the vegetables keeps fresh blooms coming all season long. This constant presence of flowers in the garden keeps all these good guys we have attracted right where we need them, in the garden.Vegetables Love Flowers includes why to grow flowers, how-to grow and keep a cutting garden, what flowers to grow, and most importantly--- how I garden without using pesticides that can harm and kill the very beneficial creatures we want to live in the garden. Review Vegetables Love Flowers does a marvelous job of taking you down the garden path of the ins and outs of companion planting - Julie Bawden-Davis, Community Table @ Review Whether you are a gardener or just enjoy reading about the gardening adventures of others, this book is for you. - Gardening Products Review

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