Growing and Using Herbs and Spices
Growing and Using Herbs and Spices
Growing and Using Herbs and Spices

Growing and Using Herbs and Spices

Dover Publications

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Author: Miloradovich, Milo

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 256

Publisher: Dover Publications

Release Date: 05-10-2011

Details: “Will delight both the gardener and the cook.” — Library Journal. “A wonderful compendium — for anyone who wants to cultivate them or cook with them as so written as to definitely stimulate the interest of the passing page flipper.” — Kirkus Review. Over the years — as tastes have changed and fads have come and gone — the gentle art of the herbalist has remained a constant, year-round source of joy for an incredible array of connoisseurs — from professional horticulturists and accomplished gourmets to enthusiastic suburban gardeners and city-dwelling naturalists. This versatile, handy reference provides these thousands of amateur and professional herbalists with the most compact and complete handbook on culinary herbs and spices possible. Here in a thoroughly delightful labor of love are detailed instructions on how to plant, transplant, cultivate, harvest, use and preserve virtually every herb and spice available in North America today. Ms. Miloradovich takes us step by step through the various stages of herbal development, from preparing seedlings for early transplanting to drying, cutting, and quick-freezing fragrant herbs for potpourri, medicinal lotions, pomanders, and even moth preventives. Hundreds of herbs and spices are included, each introduced with a fascinating anecdote detailing its historical background and legends. Discover the power of cinnamon, one of the oldest spices known to humanity — used as a love potion by the Romans and a religious incense by the Hebrews and Ancient Egyptians. Find out why Italians still use basil as a token of love and Hindus still consider it a sacred symbol of reverence for the dead. Ms. Miloradovich has found an intriguing tale for each of the hundreds of herbs and spices she discusses — from bitter unblanched celery to delicious roots of love parsley. Whether you’d like to grow perennials, biennials, or annuals in your apartment window box, or you need a convenient guide for preserving rare herbs, or you just want to know more about the romantic histories, mysterious powers, and legends behind your favorite spices and fragrances, you’ll find this engaging book a stimulating source, sure to lead to more and more adventures growing and enjoying herbs and spices.

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